So if you’re wondering where to find the perfect ‘official’ maternity shoes, we’ll give you a clue - there are none. But here are the 5 best shoes for pregnancy that come pretty darn close.

Pregnancy's Best 5 Shoes Bellyssimo


A good start is always a stylish pair of flip flops. Something that offer comfort, quality and strength - all rolled into one. The best place to find yourself the perfect pair is definitely from local brand Island Style (to order now - click here)Their prices start from R180.00, are guaranteed for 2000 km's & come with some extra wiggle room for your feet, that you will be oh-so grateful for in the later months! Trust Us!

Big news: A selection of Island Style's most comfy & glamorous flip flops will soon be available on Bellyssimo's website! Stay tuned!




After these comfy options, you can never go wrong with? Flat Sandals! Although in the later stages of your pregnancy you may have to find someone to help you with putting them on, in the early stages we say YES to a bit of style and comfort too! 

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Athletic or running shoes are another winning choice! Their soft cushioning will be a lifesaver on the days you have to face both grocery shopping and later with being a mom-to-be! There’s nothing like the perfect athletic gear, helping you be fully prepared for the long days of running after your kids! (Which aren't too far away anymore!)

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Bellyssimo has a new exciting range joining us soon called ‘ShwesheChic’. The reason we're telling you this - is because their pumps are going to be the answer to ALL your swollen feet prayers. Pumps are perfect for those days you want to keep your feet out of the public eye and just throw on something that will be comfy and hassle-free. Keep your eyes peeled on our website for the soon-to-be launched Durban-made ‘ShwesheChic’ Range designed by Aldine Dallas.

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Although pregnancy and heels will never go hand-in-hand, we understand that us ladies prefer some sort of heel for fancy occasions. If you find this is the case for your Friday night, then definitely go for Wedges rather than a stiletto heel. Wedges have a thicker base, more cushioning and often more slip resistant material – which will both provide stability & help prevent falls.


TOP TIP: Besides investing in the perfect “pregnancy footwear”, for a long term benefit– we suggest spoiling your sore & swollen feet, with a nice warm bath from time to time. We personally recommend the exclusive  & luxurious Foot Bathz from Aroma Soothz DirectGuaranteeing you added comfort & relaxation, their foot baths dissolve in hot water, & take on a caviar texture with a combination of Rose Essential Oils. These unique oils target the acu-points in your feet, and aim to stimulate, rejuvenate & revitalise tired feet. 


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